What’s Good for You Today?

What’s Good for You Today?

If you intentionally eat healthy, you’ll possibly encounter a challenge: healthy is a moving target. Eggs, which were good for us, but then bad for us, seem to be good for us again. Coffee and wine seem to go through the same cycle. Fish is fine, if they are “free-range” and low in mercury, of course, in which case fish is foul. Fowl, on the other hand, might be ok if it’s white meat. This week.

Now, the study of healthy living is a worthwhile enterprise. There are reasonable questions that must be asked, and some method has to give weight to each answer. Coffee provides caffeine, which is fine in moderation, but risk averse in excess; but its antioxidants have value, too. Eggs are full of both protein (and cholesterol. And reasonable minds may differ, or even change over time on the subject of where they belong in your diet. In fact, reasonable minds may even differ on just what “healthy” means to begin with.

What's good for you today? Photo credit: eastbayexpress.com

What’s good for you today? Photo credit: eastbayexpress.com

Of course, our health isn’t the only subject that requires the balancing of a complex set of requirements and measurements. At Paper Water Bottle, we’ve examined any number of industry and government standards, with a particular eye toward what their goals are. Even a subject like composting is no simple matter.

Bringing light to the fact that a product’s compostability does not deem it 100% environmentally safe, the conscious consumer takes time to weigh pros and cons of a product’s setbacks and benefits. A product boasting compostable components means a variety of things.

And not because anyone is trying to deceive you or skirt any regulations—but because it’s just not that simple. Composting is possible for a lot of materials—under laboratory conditions, or with industrial furnaces heating material, or when the moon is in the right phase. Composting covers a range of activities much wider than the average consumer imagines.

Standards exist in industry and government to help define terms like compostable and biodegradable, for the industry, the marketplace and consumers. Paper Water Bottle certainly believes in such standards and will work to comply.

However, we also believe a higher standard is possible — one that’s easy to understand. We want our products to be Backyard Compostable, in which material reverts to environmentally friendly elements like anything else you would add to a home compost pile. That kind of clarity is something to strive for, and in this day and age of infinitely malleable meanings, it’s also A Refreshing Alternative.




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