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Paper Water Bottle

We Will Help Save Our Planet

Paper Water Bottle™ — the 1st of its kind in the world — represents a new, innovative, and truly eco-friendly way of thinking.

Paper Water Bottle is a premier pulp packaging company that combines best-in-class strategic assessment and in-house design with the technical scope needed to achieve successful production. Our Design Group and Production Group operate together as a turnkey supplier to create and deliver compostable products that meet and exceed your sustainable initiatives. Paper Water Bottle packaging offers world-class expertise to deliver a range of solutions for consumer packaged goods, food and industrial packaging, and more.

We are on a journey. Today, our products are made of 65% compostable material with improvements being added regularly. Our goal is to be as near 100% compostable as possible. By applying our patented approach, and through the efforts of many diligent associates, we are making progress. Join us, as we discover and apply better ways to make eco-friendly bottles. Together, we will help save our planet!

Paper Water Bottle®It’s Genius

Pulp Exoskeleton

Specially blended combination of wheat straw, bamboo, husks, sugar cane, and/or bulrush



Uses an array of organic, natural, renewable resources and materials worldwide

Human Response

People of all generations, backgrounds, and locations globally recognize the value and smile



It has unlimited shape, aesthetic and functional capability; utilizes existing operations

Content Barrier

Increasingly less barrier material with more eco-friendly content, goal is 100% organic microscopic layering



Guilt-Free™ disposability, quick-breakdown, goal is 100% Backyard Compostable™

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Please contact us by filling in the form below for questions or to request samples and a design/production proposal. For public comment, please use our social media platforms on: FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.
Paper Water Bottle welcomes new relationships interested in Paper Water Bottle Technology, innovations from our Design Group, and production of sustainable packaging.

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