What began as a child’s innocent observation that all packaging is “trash in the making” has since grown into a deep, socially-conscious consumer mega-trend.

The facts could not be ignored.

We committed ourselves to find a better way.

Our goal is 100% backyard compostability. We are on the right track and making great progress. We’d like you to join us, help us, challenge us, work with us and be part of the movement for the greater cause.

Currently, Paper Water Bottle products are 100% recyclable, 98% landfill biodegradable* and 65% compostable.

backyard compostability chart

What is Backyard Compostability?

Our vision of Backyard Compostable is packaging consumers can toss in their backyard or home composter knowing it will break down at the same rate as the other natural materials.

Our mission is clear: We will help save our planet. Will you join us?

Let’s Connect

  • Amazing! Our corporate culture matches Paper Water Bottle… save the planet!

    Terrance, Alkaline Water Company, Colorado

  • Thank you for pursuing this important innovation! Paper Water Bottle is genius!

    Tom, Natural H2O, California

  • This concept is excellent! Hotels everywhere need Paper Water Bottles.

    Sara, NY Amenities Company

  • The Cosmetics industry needs to use Paper Water Bottle technology! Wonderful break through.

    Angelina, Paris

  • This is great. My university should order all our water in Paper Water Bottles!

    JJ, Colorado

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