Paper Water Bottle Technology

Why are Paper Water Bottles better?

Paper Water Bottles are designed to help reduce the amount of plastic in the world. Ideally, all used plastic would be recycled. However, not even all of what is collected is actually recycled. Much of it ends up in the landfill as well. The ECO 1 GREEN Bottle from Paper Water BottleTM solves that problem by being landfill biodegradable* and completely recyclable.

What does the term “landfill biodegradable” mean?

When plastic (or any other material) degrades from the action of naturally occurring microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi and algae as found in all landfills. Biodegradation can occur in either aerobic (with oxygen) or anaerobic (without oxygen) environments.

How long does it take to decompose?

From ENSO Plastics website: “ENSO RESTORE™ accelerates the natural biodegradation of plastics in biologically active landfills and anaerobic digesters as validated by independent certified laboratories using ASTM International test methods. Independent third-party testing has shown up to 30.3% biodegradation in just 391 days in landfill replicated testing (ASTM D5526)."


ENSO RESTORETM is an additive we use in our barrier material to accelerate the natural degradation of plastic in landfill environments. The addition of ENSO means our bottle is 100% recyclable and 98% landfill biodegradable.*

Is the whole bottle recyclable?

Yes... Paper Water Bottle is 100% recyclable.

Bottle Specifications

What is the shelf life of the ECO 1 GREEN bottle?

At least 1 year, provided they are kept in a dry location.

Are Paper Water Bottles made in America?

Paper Water Bottles are produced in America from components sourced worldwide.

What sizes are currently available?

Our stock bottle is a 16.9 oz/500 ml bottle. Contact us for custom sizes.

What bottle colors are available?

Our stock bottles are available in natural tan color. A wide range of custom colors are available with a minimum order quantity. Contact us for more information.

Are custom shapes and sizes available?

Paper Water Bottle’s PWB 3D design services can custom design packaging to your specifications using Paper Water Bottle technology. Minimum order quantity, design fee and tooling fee apply for custom packaging. Contact us for more information.

Ordering Bottles

Can I get samples?

Absolutely. You can request samples from our Production Parter.

What is the price of a Paper Water Bottle?

Retail pricing of bottles is set by our production partners and will typically vary depending on the bottle purchase volume.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Minimum order quantities are set by our bottle production partners but typically start in the hundreds of bottles.

What are your typical lead times for stock bottles?

Lead times are set by our bottle production partners but can be as little as a few days for smaller quantities.

Paper Water Bottle Services and Partners

Do you offer branding/labeling options?

We offer Paper, Clear PLA and Direct Print labeling options through our bottle production partners. Learn more about ordering.

Do you offer other services such as filling and co-packing?

Yes, depending on your location, we may have production partners who can supply those type services. Learn more about ordering and services.

Can I manufacture Paper Water Bottles?

Paper Water Bottle production partners license our technology to set up their own bottle production lines. Contact us for more information on how to become a production partner.

Can I become a distributor of Paper Water Bottles?

Our Production Partners are always looking for qualified distributors to help them reach brand owners in their region. If you are interested in a becoming a distributor, contact us and check the general questions option.

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Request More Information

Looking for something custom or a larger opportunity? Contact us about creating custom packaging for high-volume products or about using our technology to produce bottles directly for your customers.

— For stock bottle orders and samples, please order online.

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Note: Minimum order quantity, design fee and tooling fee apply for custom packaging.