Create custom packaging through our award-winning PWB 3D design services, or custom labeling for our stock bottle through our Production Partners.

Custom 3D Package Design

If you need custom packaging for a high-volume brand, our award-winning PWB 3D design team is available to work with you to create distinctive consumer packaging. Our team’s expertise enables them to create memorable, sustainable product packaging and brand identities using our patented technologies and manufacturing processes. Paper Water Bottle Production Partners are then engaged to produce your unique packaging to your order. Minimum order quantity, design fee and tooling fee apply for custom packaging.

Custom Labeling

Work with our Production Partners to design, print and apply your custom package label. Or you can even direct print your label on the bottle! Our stock Paper Water Bottle packaging allows for a variety of label sizes to accommodate your content. Want to make a big statement? Go for a custom die cut label! Our Production Partners will help you make our Paper Water Bottle package all your own.

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    Tom, Natural H2O, California

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    Sara, NY Amenities Company

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    Angelina, Paris

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    JJ, Colorado

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Looking for something custom or a larger opportunity? Contact us about creating custom packaging for high-volume products or about using our technology to produce bottles directly for your customers.

— For stock bottle orders and samples, please order online.

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Note: Minimum order quantity, design fee and tooling fee apply for custom packaging.