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Paper Water Bottle™ strategically integrates design, engineering and manufacturing services to create brandable products for consumer enjoyment. Successful execution of our flagship product, Paper Water Bottle ECO 1, laid the foundation for Paper Water Bottle to broaden our expertise into the design and production of any molded fiber eco-package. Paper Water Bottle Design Group and Manufacturing Group work together to customize and create a finished product to achieve the needs of your business and your customers.

Paper Water Bottle – The Journey

Products ECO 1 BLUE ECO 1 GREEN ECO 1+ ECO 100
Compostable Material 65% Pulp 65% Pulp 85% Pulp 98% Pulp
Recycled Material 35%  rPET 35% ENSO Restore™ PET 15% TBD 2% TBD
Tamper-Evidence Cap Yes Yes Yes TBD
Reusable Bottle Yes Yes Yes TBD
Sizes* 500ml 500ml TBD TBD
Colors Natural Tan Natural Tan TBD TBD
Available Custom shapes, sizes, colors Yes Yes Yes TBD
Labels Available Compostable & Direct Print Compostable & Direct Print Compostable & Direct Print Compostable & Direct Print
Availability July 2018 October 2018 2019 2020

*More sizes will be added