Doing Better vs. Knowing Better

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Does anyone actually doubt that smoking is bad for you? I don’t really think so. I know people who smoke, and, while some have no interest in quitting, I don’t think any would defend it as a healthy lifestyle choice. In fact, if pressed on why they do it, most would likely begin a sentence with “It’ [...]

The Future Was Now

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Automation in is increasingly in the news. In particular, the suggestion that American workers are going to lose out in the coming robot revolution. It’s a genuine concern of course. We’ll have to work hard to help those displaced, as we have always had to. But that doesn’t mean we can or even shoul [...]

A Seasoned Perspective

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I’ve seen my share of springs. They rise, crisp and wet, glistening with actual and metaphorical sunshine, gray and white giving way to ever-bolder green. They bubble and refresh, each element of the earth scraping away its detritus, awaking from slumber. Then, when our patience begins to wane, when [...]

The Right Tool For the Job

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I’ve seen a similar joke in more than one movie or TV program. The gist is something like this. Two people are trying to sneak through a door. One replies that they have a master key. They promptly reveal a hammer and break the window. “Fits any lock,” they say. On the one hand, the logic is inescap [...]

What We Want

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We all have that friend or relative with whom eating out is a chore. It starts in the car. “Where would you like to eat?” we say, bracing ourselves for the inevitable reply. “Oh, anywhere is fine,” they assure us. “You choose.” And thus, the game is afoot. If you’re like me, you’ll start in on a lis [...]

Greens, with Envy

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Nobody stares at a salad like me. I have gazed into many a plate of lettuce or spinach and wished that I were one of those folks who could eat anything at all and walk away unscathed. But it is not to be. Instead, I stare, and sigh, and wish that chopped iceberg could become chunky ice cream. In fac [...]

We Need MORE Sellouts

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We’ve all had the experience. It may be a musician, an out-of-the-way restaurant, or a favorite writer—the hidden gem that only we recognize, at least in our little circle. Then the wind shifts. Maybe a review gets written. And suddenly our diamond in the rough Is as ubiquitous as cubic zirconia. We [...]

The World of Tomorrow

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“It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future.”  --Mark Twain Prognosticators, whether they are psychics, palm-readers, economists or political pundits all have at least one thing in common: they speak with enormous confidence. I will not speak to the wisdom of any in particular, [...]

When Two Rights Make a Wrong

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When home videotaping first emerged, it revolutionized multiple industries, including home entertainment and personal photography. Everyone saw the value, of course, but there were, of course, competing solutions for meeting the need. Sony liked their format, Betamax. Some argue it had a better pict [...]

The Past as a Renewable Resource

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Not many things last forever, but we'll never run out of yesterdays. And it's a good thing, since we seem to return to them over an over. Whether it's music, clothing, or hair styles, sooner or later, everything old is new again. We are often fascinated with our own childhoods, whether introducing o [...]