Paper Water Bottle – the 1st of its kind in the world – represents a new, innovative, and truly eco-friendly way of thinking. It’s part of everything we do. It’s foundational in the way we work together as an organization and in the way we help customers realize the full potential for their brands.  We integrate Paper Water Bottle Technology, which is based on 16 global patents, into our design methodology and into our operations and manufacturing approach.  As such, Paper Water Bottle Technology informs and enhances our approach to understanding consumer insights, design innovations, raw material selection and sourcing, and development and production.

Your experience with us will be unlike any other eco-friendly company with which you may have worked. We redefined how world-class designers, engineers, innovators, consumer and business strategist, material scientists and manufacturers work together to exceed your expectations. Paper Water Bottle provides consumers the most eco-friendly packaging and products possible, and we continuously strive to improve. This isn’t just a catchy tag line or corporate bravado. It’s who we are, based upon what we believe, and it’s a result of our collective energies and passions.

What began years ago as a child’s innocent observation that all packaging and products are only “trash” in the making has grown into a deep, socially conscious consumer megatrend. The facts cannot be ignored. And as such, we committed ourselves to find a better way. We are on the right track and heading in the best direction. We’d like you to join us, help us, challenge us, work with us, and be part of the movement for the greater cause. Our mission is clear: We will help save our planet. Will you join us?