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Paper Water Bottle – the 1st of its kind in the world – represents a new, innovative, and truly eco-friendly way of thinking. It’s part of everything we do. It’s foundational in the way we work together as an organization and in the way we help customers realize the full potential for their brands.  We integrate Paper Water Bottle Technology, which is based on 16 global patents, into our design methodology and into our operations and manufacturing approach.  As such, Paper Water Bottle Technology informs and enhances our approach to understanding consumer insights, design innovations, raw material selection and sourcing, and development and production.

Your experience with us will be unlike any other eco-friendly company with which you may have worked. We redefined how world-class designers, engineers, innovators, consumer and business strategist, material scientists and manufacturers work together to exceed your expectations. Paper Water Bottle provides consumers the most eco-friendly packaging and products possible, and we continuously strive to improve. This isn’t just a catchy tag line or corporate bravado. It’s who we are, based upon what we believe, and it’s a result of our collective energies and passions.

What began years ago as a child’s innocent observation that all packaging and products are only “trash” in the making has grown into a deep, socially conscious consumer megatrend. The facts cannot be ignored. And as such, we committed ourselves to find a better way. We are on the right track and heading in the best direction. We’d like you to join us, help us, challenge us, work with us, and be part of the movement for the greater cause. Our mission is clear: We will help save our planet. Will you join us?

Meet the Team

Dan Doster
Dan DosterPresident & Board Member
Dan is co-founder and President of Paper Water Bottle where he drives efforts to provide consumers an alternative to the traditional plastic water bottle. With his vision to re-imagine the plastic water bottle, Dan works to secure partnerships and provide expertise in strategic marketing and program development to deliver growth and desired outcomes for the company. His leadership drives sustainable results, which he believes are rooted in the individual skill sets of each Paper Water Bottle team member. Dan has served in various executive management roles with companies including McKinsey & Company, GE Capital, and other rapid-growth organizations. He received a B.A. from Wabash College, a M.A. from Yale University, and a M.B.A. from the University of Notre Dame. Dan currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina, and walks over 2 million steps per year. Prideful in the success that comes from team collaboration, Dan’s motto is: relationships matter.
Jim Warner
Jim WarnerSenior Vice President of Design & Board Member
As the inventor of Paper Water Bottle, Jim is a co-founder and Senior Vice President of Design of the company. In his role, he is instrumental in envisioning the creative design, brand strategy, technical development and innovation pipeline for the Paper Water Bottle. Jim has been an industry leader for almost three decades and is the managing director of JW3D, LLC located in Chicago, Illinois. His passions lie in designing products that bring global responsibility, which is why he found the need to create an innovation that could replace plastic bottles. Jim received a B.F.A. in Industrial Design from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. In his spare time, he enjoys oil painting, playing ice hockey, and cooking.
Ken Roth
Ken RothSenior Vice President of Engineering & Manufacturing & Board Member
Ken is the Senior Vice President of Engineering of Paper Water Bottle where he oversees the engineering and manufacturing strategy for the company. Through his senior leadership experience, Ken builds results from business analysis, which drives business improvement and sustainable results. He focuses on maintaining cohesive teams to define the success of organizations of which he is involved. Ken brings two decades of industry expertise in fields including utilities, energy markets, technology, and electronics. He received a B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Rose Hulman Institute of Technology and a M.B.A. from the University of Chicago. Ken lives with his wife and daughter on a 20-acre farm in Kentucky.
John Pitman
John PitmanCorporate Controller
John serves as Controller for Paper Water Bottle following his seasons in corporate strategic planning, long range planning, financial management, project analysis and merger/acquisitions for Bridgestone Americas, Procter & Gamble and a major accounting and consulting services firm. John’s passion for growth, simplicity, and efficiency through standardization, innovation and integration enabled him to be involved in far ranging projects from designing and co-leading a multi brand dealership program to restructuring international operations to exploring barter and countertrade for unlocking assets in third world countries. His desire for continuous improvement and looking for new and creative solutions connects strongly with Paper Water Bottle’s vision to make the world a better place through eco-friendly packaging. John received his B.S. Finance and MBA Finance & Accounting degrees from Bowling Green State University, and – along with his wife Lee Ellen – enjoys traveling, family activities with their children and grandchildren, as well as involvement in church and other community organizations, especially those that endeavor to help the disabled, impoverished or persecuted.
Anne Glaze
Anne GlazeSenior Environmental Project Engineer
Anne is the Senior Environmental Project Engineer for Paper Water Bottle where she offers a comprehensive skill set to provide support for environmental remediation during the prototype phase and beyond. Her background in environmental engineering includes working with organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency and Malcolm Pirnie Inc. As director of Sweet Rayne Academy located in the Dayton-Cincinnati, Ohio area, Anne has a proven track record in project management as she sets short- and long-term goals, analyzes progress, and teaches subjects at all levels to students. Anne received a B.S. and M.S. in Civil Engineering with a focus in Environmental Engineering from Purdue University, and holds a Professional Engineer license. Anne enjoys beekeeping, gardening and playing with her family’s black Labrador retriever.
Grace Williamson
Grace WilliamsonMarketing Manager
Grace is the Marketing Manager of Paper Water Bottle where she works to emphasize the mission of the company through digital, social and written communication. With a background in corporate communications and public relations, she oversees that company initiatives are delivered to Paper Water Bottle stakeholders. Grace received her B.A. in Communications with a minor in Environmental Science from N.C. State University. She resides in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she enjoys volunteering with various organizations and singing with local groups.
Mike DebrosseDirector of Operations
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