The Problem


Globally, 80 billion plastic bottles are produced annually and 80 percent of those end up in the oceans and landfills that then take 800 years to biodegrade. While these statistics are well known, not enough is done to change the outcome. Solving the problem of plastic requires a paradigm shift at every level: country, industry, and consumer. To accomplish this, an easily understood “big idea” is needed to drive change.

The Solution


Paper Water Bottle is based on global patents that integrate specialized materials and manufacturing processes to the highest level of compostable performance specifications available. We’d like to tell you more.

Visit our Contact Us page to connect with us and join the conversation. Paper Water Bottle Technology can transform brands into new, eco-friendly packaging and products. Our Design Group and Production Groups are defining a new era of sustainable packaging. You’re invited!

Please join us for the journey forward.