A Seasoned Perspective

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I’ve seen my share of springs. They rise, crisp and wet, glistening with actual and metaphorical sunshine, gray and white giving way to ever-bolder green. They bubble and refresh, each element of the earth scraping away its detritus, awaking from slumber. Then, when our patience begins to wane, when [...]

Tipping Points

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Anyone who’s watched a huge, carefully constructed domino palace fall into a pile of disjointed plastic knows it’s true: it is easier to destroy than to create. If we’re honest, we know it can also provide a certain rush. Just watch this video if you have any doubts. It’s shows 128,000 dominoes fall [...]

Asking the Right Question

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We are creatures of habit. When something works, we tend to stick with it until it doesn’t anymore, often even ignoring better alternatives when they come along. Sometimes it’s for reasons of nostalgia, or just a perfectly normal resistance to planned obsolescence. Maybe we stick with an old cell ph [...]

A Thoreau Review

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Simplify, Simplify. --Henry David Thoreau Innovation and invention, and, perhaps more importantly, reinvention, are iterative processes. We all observe that, whether we acknowledge it or not. We’d all be disappointed if the automobile stopped advancing with the Model T. In fact, the first generation [...]

Detour Ahead

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Sometimes people are not very good at long-term thinking. Many of us, as individuals, have gotten better at it. But, as a species, we’re really built more for avoiding bears than avoiding bear markets. And why not? For most of our history, we simply haven’t stayed around long enough for long-term to [...]


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There’s a great mobile app called Duolingo. It makes learning a new language a game. You can spend a few minutes a day, or, if you’re like some of us, you could actually replace a lot of time-wasting (checking social media, crushing candy, hurling birds at farm animals) with an equally addictive but [...]

Egg Substitutes

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There’s an old joke that’s made the rounds for decades: A man goes to the doctor and says, “My brother thinks he’s a chicken.” “Why don’t you bring him in?” asks the doctor. The man shrugs and says “I would, but I need the eggs.” That joke makes an interesting point about the products we use every d [...]